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Yes, It has not been late when Firefox 4 was released and now Firefox 4.0.1 is released and is available for download. The new update fixes some of the reported issues and bugs including security and stability issues concerning plugins and other web elements. Firefox 4.0 already has changed to a greater extent from previous version. If you don’t know what’s new in firefox 4, just download the latest version. This update brings minor but essential changes in the browser. Its not a must have update but it would resolve some of the security and stability issues prevailing in firefox 4.

How to Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1

To Download mozilla firefox 4.0.1 , just visit our homepage i.e. or click on the Home link/button on the top of this webpage. You’ll find all links to directly download firefox browser for pc.

If you already have firefox 4 installed on your pc, this update i.e. 4.0.1 will be automatically installed in your firefox by the browser itself if the auto update feature of firefox has not been altered by you.

Note: Firefox is often updated with new releases. Just go to Mozilla Firefox Free Download page to download the latest version of it. If you want to download firefox 4.0.1 , you can from

Download firefox 4 for windows xp, windows 7 from here

Note: The version noted above may not be the latest one, so we strongly recommend downloading the latest one from Mozilla Firefox


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15 Responses to Mozilla Firefox 4 Free Download

  1. Monika says:

    if anyone read this comment ,please tell me how to change my web browser from Google to Mozilla Firefox.i will be very thankful to him/her.

  2. pravin zirwal says:

    it’s really faster browser weapon of internet browsing in world.
    “thanks FIREFOX again”

  3. Heena Khemani says:

    It is fastest web browser in my thinking !!!!!!!!!!!! I like to surf on the internet, it is my hobby so i like to use only & only MOZILLA FIREFOX !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. saikishore says:

    It was superbbbbb in fast $ in all other things

  5. rajesh thorat says:

    dis site is very good bcoz dis site so fast internet.and download every software so fast dis site .it is very wonderful site.

  6. Mubiru keneth says:

    I personally, i find mozilla firefox exquisitely wonderful.
    Keep it up.

  7. Nitin Soni says:

    I like very very much MoZiLlA fIrEfOx…
    Jo bhi ise ek baar use karega sach me wo iska jarur fan ho jayega…

  8. ranjit karn says:

    moziilla is one of the best browser to surf internet and its make so easier to download any software, as than other browser do, so i suggest everyone 2 try once MOZILLA FIREFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sajith says:


  10. rev.dhammaruchi thero says:

    verry pass and good. like mozilla firefox

  11. Gopal Majhi says:

    moziilla is one of the best browser to surf internet and its make so easier to download any software, as than other browser do, so i suggest everyone 2 get it.

  12. iko wikoe says:

    thank you for mozilla firefox 4.1 ; i am feel happy for you. cause mzf4 run perfectly with my PC.

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