Mozilla Firefox Free Download

What is Mozilla Firefox ? It is a free open source web browser built with a view to provide enhanced, easy, fast, swift, secure, stable web browsing experience to internet users worldwide. It is award winning best web browser available … Continue reading

Mozilla Firefox Free Download

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  1. John of Performance Suspension says:

    I really love to use firefox .. But i fell difficulty while using firefox 8 many off add ons are not compatible with it specially mozbar…. will any one guide me how i install mozbar on firefox 8…

  2. Pawan says:

    cool even in 2g its really fast

  3. Z says:

    hey! i like mozilla firefox and i wanna say that new version of mozilla is not as great as mozilla 7 or 8. it does not have a comfortable please look into it as i use mozila only.

  4. Karen Nemet-Nejat says:

    The latest addition of Firefox is terrible. Most add-ons and extensions are incompatible. The translator which I need because I receive downloads in many languages I do not know, e.g. Turkish, Romanian, Catalan, etc. I was so unhappy witth the new version that I downloaded an earlier addition. The wonders of the new Firefox needs a good deal of work.

  5. Gorakh Mhaisdhune says:

    hey i like mozilla firefox. latest version is very great.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Hi there, I recently cleaned up my computer and need to instal and old mozilla version for my OS X 10.4.11 (Jaguar). Please let me know where can I go to download that app. Thanks.

  7. n.Vijayakumar says:

    I want to download mozilla firefox free download, which i think very useful for my computer,

  8. Blagojce says:

    I want Mozilla Firefox in sign in to gmail not……..I want******** Please instal this when i sign in gmail not …….. but ******** Thank you.Please install how I want to be with password ********

    • firefox says:

      What error are you getting.. I think you might be putting wrong username or password while signing into gmail.. Note, while typing passwords, use the correct lettercase.

  9. Dave says:

    I set up msn as my home page yet it doesn’t come up like normal. it just list the different links with no picutres. I have reset my homepage a couple times but with the same result. is there a setting that I have screwed up or what.

    • firefox says:

      The problem is that you have done spelling mistake in typing the website name as homepage.. Just check the spelling correctly so that the right website opens up.

  10. yashraaz awana says:

    i wants a better and faster version of mozilla firefox which not bufring …….plz suggest me which one i downloaded……….!!!!

    plz reply as soon as possible u can…….!!!!

  11. alby varghese says:

    I am in a very big cofusion, please help me.
    Which one should I download.
    As soon as possible please reply.

  12. jawad says:

    I am from Iran.
    This is web sit VerY Gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ccandy says:

    I want to use translator on firefox 10, what should I download? i get a lot pages in japanese

  14. Ajaykumar singh says:

    I have an old browser namely power accessed 3.5 with my samsang duos sch-w259 which fails in downloading and fast netsearch.please help me installing new version browser which should be filesupporting and easy to download.

  15. takvirul alam says:

    i am takvir from bangladesh university of engineering & technology, bangladesh. i always use mozilla firefox as my default browser for its awesome you can test now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tri Handoko says:

    I want to download old version of Firefox but I can not find it as the new one not compatible with Ant video downloader. Many Thanks

  17. nanda says:

    Can i know which mozilla version is support for robo form and i dnt want to crash mozilla when am using mozilla there is always crash and when am opening gmail r any other websites in new tab its like gmail control entre its not loading to gmail its showing some search option not so please say me correct answer

  18. sourabh patel says:

    i want to install mozilla firefox in my PC.

  19. ali salim says:

    I think that some errors in my computer no vidio no media can play what the problems. ( my solution ) fire fox.

  20. sankalp says:

    hello sir, please help me, my firefox is not supporting the adobe flash player,… i have re – installed it also but it does not work,…….. sir please help me what can i do???? reply as fast as you can please sir,……………

    • firefox says:

      firefox supports adobe flash player, get the latest version of firefox and also install the latest version of flash player, it would work absolutely fine..

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