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Mozilla Firefox is on rapid update release schedule and the firefox community is more active than ever to bring no.1 class browsing while adding to the existing security and flexibility features. Power to web users. Of late, Mozilla launched Firefox 14.0.1 which addresses a number of issues and bring more features to your favorite web browser.

Some of the new features include :

  • Auto-complete feature by default. If you follow our blog carefully, in older versions of mozilla firefox, we were required to use a trick i.e. do some changes in about:config to enable auto complete feature but from 14th version onwards, this feature is enabled by default.
  • For Mac OS X Lion users, full screen support has been implemented so now switching to full screen and browsing to the max screen size is at ease.
  • Google Searches are encrypted using HTTPS technology by default now so adding more privacy and security features.
  • For developers, new api like pointer lock api has been implemented. Certain new css hacks support has been added.
  • Mozilla Firefox 14 resolves various security fixes and adds to stability with complex pages rendering especially such pages containing gif animation and javascript codes.

So, Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 is a worthy upgrade. Download it for windows os from here .

For Mac and linux users, just visit Mozilla Firefox page.


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