Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 18 is released for windows xp, vista, windows 7, windows 8, linux os, Mac OS. The new version brings several improvements on the table, like faster javascript performance with introduction of IonMonkey Compiler (What a name – monkey?), Retina display support for OS X (enjoy firefox on your retina display enabled Macbook pro at its full quality and crispness), support for WebRTC, etc. Speed improvements, better memory management, bugs fixes have been regular efforts by Mozilla team. The new Firefox can be downloaded from our homepage. Firefox for android has also changed and certain elements from the desktop counterpart have been integrated in the mobile version as well.

Even in Firefox 18, windows 8 modern mode support is not added. We’ve earlier shown you preview of metro UI based Firefox version in Mozilla’s nightly build. We already have windows 8 mode support in Google Chrome, although it doesn’t have independent existence like Internet Explorer. So, for windows 8 users, modern touch optimized Mozilla Firefox is yet to be launched, but the regular version on release channel works well in the desktop mode on windows 8 computer.

As usual, Certain new HTML 5 elements like support for W3C Touch events have been implemented.

Mozilla has just updated to Firefox 18.0.1 which can be downloaded from here for windows os. For linux or mac os – visit our download page.

If you’ve firefox already installed, go to its menu> help> about. It’ll automatically try to update itself. Do leave your feedback, comments and experience with new Firefox browser. Feel free to share your problems as we try to solve problems of our readers so that you could enjoy modern web browsing.

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Mozilla Firefox 16 Free Download Latest Version

As we have promised that we’ll keep you updated with new version of Mozilla Firefox as they’re released. Time to be happy again as Mozilla Firefox 16 has been released and is available for free download for all platforms including windows, mac, linux. The new Firefox 16 comes with several optmization, memory improvement, javascript smoothness, advanced developer tools and web apps support.

We’ve till now used firefox addons and extensions, now time for something new – Firefox web apps. These are special types of apps that run either offline or online in our browser and do much more than online websites. Web apps can be offline games, magazine application, calculator, etc. Mozilla Marketplace is the location from where these web apps can be downloaded. Paid web apps are also supported which will provide a good way for developers to make money from their skills and knowledge. The web developer tool in Firefox received good upgrades like quick access to tools and a command line tool for quick keyboard access. New CSS 3 and HTML 5 elements support has been added and the most notable thing here is compatibility with unprefixed css3 elements of transition, animation, transform and gradients which allows the developers to get rid of browser-specific prefix while coding making universality and reducing few lines of codes.

For Mac OS X users, voice-over feature is enabled in Mozilla Firefox 16 as this feature is considered very useful for blind people or people with low-vision capabilities. Firefox loves users of all platforms and thus it had to provide this accessibility feature.

Memory reporting for opened tabs via about:memory internal url has been fixed. One of the remarkable improvement in this version of firefox is introduction of incremental garbage collection method for javascript which collects unused memory after every 5 seconds to relocate the memory for use with other javascript objects allowing no pause and faster drawing, responsiveness, smoothness and swiftness when it comes to javascript performance or execution in browser. Support for MD5 in digital signatures is stripped off for good so don’t use it if you’ve been using.

Many new features were integrated in Firefox 15 which are still present in this new version. Those who’ve not used this browser from long time, note that Firefox 16 contains many awesome features like recently-visited websites thumbnail on new tab page, auto-complete url in address bar, a revamped homepage with quick access to firefox settings, lots of new addons and themes support, improved stability and wider support for HTML 5 and CSS 3 which is essential for compatibility with modern websites and webpages.

Download Mozilla Firefox 16.0.1 and make move/switch to best internet browser available today! This is the link to final released version and not beta or aurora version. To make sure, you’re downloading the latest version, always download from here – Mozilla Firefox Latest Version Download because the link on this given link always remain updated. Note that soon, Mozilla is going to release online installer which will automatically detect your operating system and download the latest compatible version of firefox on your system as we have such stub installer in Google chrome browser. Also, note that Firefox 16 doesn’t support metro app mode in windows 8, for metro app mode support, download the nightly edition of firefox.

Update: Firefox updated to 16.0.1 and so the download link above has also been updated to latest version.

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Mozilla Firefox 15 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 15 has been officially unveiled today and this version of firefox implements lots of new enhancements and bug fixes including optimized usage of memory for addons and thus reducing the load on your system. Lots of new developer tools have been added and improved. SPDY support for version 3 has been implemented. Native pdf files support added which will now allow you to view pdf files on the web without the need of any pdf file reader installation. HTML 5 video and audio related tags now support more properties and attributes like ‘played’. Other new things like webgl enhancements for graphics compression has also been provided. The android version of firefox has also received lots of changes with easy swipe gesture to close tabs, a new type of homepage. More inbuilt menus, option to open desktop edition of websites. The tablet optimized version of firefox further adds compatibility with lots of websites and improves page loading duration and overall surging experience. Top visited sites, bookmarks and history are now easily accessible. Mozilla firefox is on rapid release schedule and as a part of the update in the latest version, we now no longer have to go through hassles to download updates manually. This version brings silent background update. Few bugs like loosing of silent update feature if windows restore option is just used are still present but this is uncommon issue which will also be soon fixed.

As always, you can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on homepage .

OR Read more about and  Download Mozilla Firefox 15 .

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How to Reset Firefox without uninstalling

Since version 13 of Firefox, Reset Firefox option is available in all the latest versions. With this option, you can just restore the firefox to its default state i.e. the state of fresh installation without the fear of losing passwords and bookmarks. This option is particularly useful if you feel that mozilla firefox is not as stable as it used to. Using this option will uninstall addons, remove user configured tweaks in about:config page, refresh all its settings to the default state, etc. But you won’t lose you passwords, bookmarks, etc so you can safely use this option to minimize crashing and maximize stability when needed.

  • TO use this option, just click on Firefox menu – Go to Help – Go to Troubleshooting Information
  • Now in the new tab that just opened, just click on Reset Firefox button located on the top right. This page also shows all the relevant information about your system and firefox which could be useful if you want to troubleshoot for specific problems. Once you reset, it will ask you to confirm, just agree and proceed.

Bonus Tip: If you think if any addon of firefox is causing trouble like crashing or making it unstable, you can start firefox with addons disabled. Just hit on firefox menu and then help – Restart with addons disabled. This will cause your firefox to restart without any addons. This is same as firefox safe mode start.

Did you know ?

The star- like button located in the right side of url bar i.e. address bar i.e. where we type the website address is the bookmark button. Visit any website and hit on the star button and it will instantly add the website into your bookmarks.

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Mozilla Firefox 14 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox is on rapid update release schedule and the firefox community is more active than ever to bring no.1 class browsing while adding to the existing security and flexibility features. Power to web users. Of late, Mozilla launched Firefox 14.0.1 which addresses a number of issues and bring more features to your favorite web browser.

Some of the new features include :

  • Auto-complete feature by default. If you follow our blog carefully, in older versions of mozilla firefox, we were required to use a trick i.e. do some changes in about:config to enable auto complete feature but from 14th version onwards, this feature is enabled by default.
  • For Mac OS X Lion users, full screen support has been implemented so now switching to full screen and browsing to the max screen size is at ease.
  • Google Searches are encrypted using HTTPS technology by default now so adding more privacy and security features.
  • For developers, new api like pointer lock api has been implemented. Certain new css hacks support has been added.
  • Mozilla Firefox 14 resolves various security fixes and adds to stability with complex pages rendering especially such pages containing gif animation and javascript codes.

So, Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 is a worthy upgrade. Download it for windows os from here .

For Mac and linux users, just visit Mozilla Firefox page.


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Mozilla Firefox 13 Free Download | Best Browser

Mozilla Firefox 13 as promised is the best available browser till date as it is super fast and it addresses all previous concerns and problems related to Mozilla browser. Some of the new changes include revamped homepage which now not only contains google search box but also contains quick links to frequently access menu and options like downloads, bookmarks, history, addons, settings, sync. So, the new homepage is something innovative and provides more power in the hands of its users.

The new tab page now mimics some of the features of other contemporary browsers like Google Chrome and Opera i.e. it contains thumbnails of 9 most frequently visited websites. This was one of the most sought features for mozilla firefox 13 and has been implemented very well.

Reset Firefox option has also been introduced in Mozilla Firefox 13 which would solve all your firefox crashing problem as it will reset i.e. restore firefox to factory settings without losing your bookmarks and passwords. This would hopefully address most of the firefox crashing issues and establish the faith in users for its stability.

Firefox Tabs on Demand feature is another useful and helpful feature for power users who start firefox with 30 or more tabs as this will help in load balancing and giving priority to few tabs over other tabs on startup.

Other features include smooth scrolling, bug fixes, SPDY support, improvements to cycle collector, better memory management, more security, enhanced developer tools support, etc. Further a massive redesign of interface is also in making.

Download Mozilla Firefox 13 from here for windows xp, 7, vista, windows 8.

for linux os and for mac os, go to Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox 12 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 12 is released for windows xp, windows 7, mac os and linux. The new version encompasses few new features, security fixes and bugs. As Firefox team had promised, they have introduced silent update feature i.e. now the update process won’t require user intervention on windows as UAC used to pop up whenever older versions of firefox tried to update its version to the latest one. This silent update feature could be implemented by introduction of a new service on windows named Mozilla Maintenance. This service is automatically invoked when an update is required. If for some reason, this new feature doesn’t work on few systems, the old update process would continue to work. Other improvements include more stabilised web developer tools. Improvement in Find in Page option. Support for line breaks in title attribute. WebGL performance enhancements and various security fixes. Also support for text-align-last css property has been added. Improved download manager as you can now paste any url into download manager to begin the download.

Mozilla Firefox 12 download for windows xp, 7 from here .

for other os i.e. linux and mac, just visit homepage i.e. Mozilla Firefox .

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Mozilla Firefox 11 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 11 is released and is available for free download for windows xp, vista, windows 7, mac os x, linux and android mobile. Several changes have been introduced in Firefox 11, althought these changes are minor, yet they add convenience to the users who are migrating from Google Chrome or other browsers as firefox now allows bookmarks and browser settings, history, etc to be easily migrated. Extensions sync feature has also been strengthened. Security and other bug fixes have been given due concern. Another new feature called “Forget this site” is available in Mozilla Firefox 11 which enables users to delete all history, cookies, preferences and settings related to a single particular desired website, thereby adding more security and privacy control in user hands for site specific needs. Page Inspector 3d view which is useful element for developers have been introduced.

Mozilla Firefox 11 Free Download from here .

For linux and other os, just visit our homepage and download from there.

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How to Enable Autofill in Mozilla Firefox address bar like Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser to surf the web. There is auto-complete feature activated when we type any url(website name) in address bar which shows us a list of similar urls and we can select any of those suggested urls which match our website name. But there is autofill feature in Google Chrome browser in which when we type website name in address bar, it automatically fills the most probable website name matching what we are typing, if its suggestion is what we want to open, then we just need to press Enter button on our keyboard. So basically, Autofill feature in address bar is more time saving and convenient than autocomplete feature on private or personal use computers. But on public use computers, autocomplete is good choice.

In this post, we’ll activate the autofill in url in address bar in Mozilla Firefox as this option is built into firefox but it is hidden and disabled by default. To enable it, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox browser. Type about:config in address bar.
  • Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise” button.
  • In the filter box, type : browser.urlbar.autoFill
  • It will appear below. The default value is set to False. Double click on it.
  • Now the default value is set to True. That’s it. Now you can close that tab.

Now, to check it, just type a website name which you visit most frequently and you’ll see that the browser filled the matching name, just press enter to go to the website. If it is a wrong suggestion, keep on typing otherwise select from dropdown list if the right one appears.

If you don’t like autofill address bar feature, you can disable this anytime by following the steps mentioned above to set browser.urlbar.autofill to False.

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Mozilla Firefox 10 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 10 is released and is available for free download. The new latest firefox addresses a number of bugs and problems present in old version of firefox. Mozilla Firefox 10 is extended support release which means that support for this browser will be provided thoroughout the year and this feature is especially useful for enterprise based users who refrain from updating their browser every few weeks to newer version. In addition, it also reduces the workload of developers by adding extended support for firefox addons compatibility which means that most of the addons would work directly without compatibility issues henceforth. Other improvements include security fixes, better memory management and startup, speed performance.

We highly recommend all firefox users to upgrade their browser to firefox 10 and enjoy the improvements and benefits that it contains.With increasing popularity of Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Team has really been working hard to serve the web community in a better way so that they could experience the flawless web they’re promised when this browser had taken the internet users to make a switch.

Download Firefox 10.0.2 from here for windows 7, xp, vista

For other os, just visit main homepage of this website.

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