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As we have promised that we’ll keep you updated with new version of Mozilla Firefox as they’re released. Time to be happy again as Mozilla Firefox 16 has been released and is available for free download for all platforms including windows, mac, linux. The new Firefox 16 comes with several optmization, memory improvement, javascript smoothness, advanced developer tools and web apps support.

We’ve till now used firefox addons and extensions, now time for something new – Firefox web apps. These are special types of apps that run either offline or online in our browser and do much more than online websites. Web apps can be offline games, magazine application, calculator, etc. Mozilla Marketplace is the location from where these web apps can be downloaded. Paid web apps are also supported which will provide a good way for developers to make money from their skills and knowledge. The web developer tool in Firefox received good upgrades like quick access to tools and a command line tool for quick keyboard access. New CSS 3 and HTML 5 elements support has been added and the most notable thing here is compatibility with unprefixed css3 elements of transition, animation, transform and gradients which allows the developers to get rid of browser-specific prefix while coding making universality and reducing few lines of codes.

For Mac OS X users, voice-over feature is enabled in Mozilla Firefox 16 as this feature is considered very useful for blind people or people with low-vision capabilities. Firefox loves users of all platforms and thus it had to provide this accessibility feature.

Memory reporting for opened tabs via about:memory internal url has been fixed. One of the remarkable improvement in this version of firefox is introduction of incremental garbage collection method for javascript which collects unused memory after every 5 seconds to relocate the memory for use with other javascript objects allowing no pause and faster drawing, responsiveness, smoothness and swiftness when it comes to javascript performance or execution in browser. Support for MD5 in digital signatures is stripped off for good so don’t use it if you’ve been using.

Many new features were integrated in Firefox 15 which are still present in this new version. Those who’ve not used this browser from long time, note that Firefox 16 contains many awesome features like recently-visited websites thumbnail on new tab page, auto-complete url in address bar, a revamped homepage with quick access to firefox settings, lots of new addons and themes support, improved stability and wider support for HTML 5 and CSS 3 which is essential for compatibility with modern websites and webpages.

Download Mozilla Firefox 16.0.1 and make move/switch to best internet browser available today! This is the link to final released version and not beta or aurora version. To make sure, you’re downloading the latest version, always download from here – Mozilla Firefox Latest Version Download because the link on this given link always remain updated. Note that soon, Mozilla is going to release online installer which will automatically detect your operating system and download the latest compatible version of firefox on your system as we have such stub installer in Google chrome browser. Also, note that Firefox 16 doesn’t support metro app mode in windows 8, for metro app mode support, download the nightly edition of firefox.

Update: Firefox updated to 16.0.1 and so the download link above has also been updated to latest version.

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