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Mozilla Firefox 12 is released for windows xp, windows 7, mac os and linux. The new version encompasses few new features, security fixes and bugs. As Firefox team had promised, they have introduced silent update feature i.e. now the update process won’t require user intervention on windows as UAC used to pop up whenever older versions of firefox tried to update its version to the latest one. This silent update feature could be implemented by introduction of a new service on windows named Mozilla Maintenance. This service is automatically invoked when an update is required. If for some reason, this new feature doesn’t work on few systems, the old update process would continue to work. Other improvements include more stabilised web developer tools. Improvement in Find in Page option. Support for line breaks in title attribute. WebGL performance enhancements and various security fixes. Also support for text-align-last css property has been added. Improved download manager as you can now paste any url into download manager to begin the download.

Mozilla Firefox 12 download for windows xp, 7 from here .

for other os i.e. linux and mac, just visit homepage i.e. Mozilla Firefox .

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  1. Ralph says:

    When I got my computer, it came with Firefox 3.6.10. This I went into options and set personal options, such as show my windows and tabs from last time, remember history, ect. Well on upgrades (version 4, ect.), when they are downloaded (not all, only some) they wipe out your internet history (any important links in history gone) and tabs on your tab bar (just above window, one Firefox worker did not know what it was and denied that it existed, even though it is in Firefox’s brief introduction). To recover the lost tabs and data is time consuming, especially for a researcher in science and history. There was a power outage, briefly in my area, when my computer rebooted I checked for any problems with the computer, none. However, when I pulled Firefox and hit the restore session button, instead of restoring my last session that was interrupted, it gave me a window that was blank all my tabs were gone, with all my work. I use to be able on one tab to put several songs, where if you went to that tab, and hit the arrow for going back or forward, one could go from one song to another. By this you could listen to music while you work. On top of this, If you go to tools, then downloads, on the later versions, after turning Firefox off, or the computer, and later restarting your computer and/or Firefox, these downloads that you saved is gone. Again an inconvenience. Finally, in the 3.6 versions youtube clips and news clips ran smoothly. In the later ones in spots it is jerky (picture jerks). Also, on the newest version, it is not compatible with a top rated security internet search program. These problems need to be addressed and corrected. Otherwise the site is good.

  2. deep says:

    I Know firefox is a great browser but I don’t know how to download it. i had try very much but it did’nt work.please helm me anyone.

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