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Mozilla Firefox 18 is released for windows xp, vista, windows 7, windows 8, linux os, Mac OS. The new version brings several improvements on the table, like faster javascript performance with introduction of IonMonkey Compiler (What a name – monkey?), Retina display support for OS X (enjoy firefox on your retina display enabled Macbook pro at its full quality and crispness), support for WebRTC, etc. Speed improvements, better memory management, bugs fixes have been regular efforts by Mozilla team. The new Firefox can be downloaded from our homepage. Firefox for android has also changed and certain elements from the desktop counterpart have been integrated in the mobile version as well.

Even in Firefox 18, windows 8 modern mode support is not added. We’ve earlier shown you preview of metro UI based Firefox version in Mozilla’s nightly build. We already have windows 8 mode support in Google Chrome, although it doesn’t have independent existence like Internet Explorer. So, for windows 8 users, modern touch optimized Mozilla Firefox is yet to be launched, but the regular version on release channel works well in the desktop mode on windows 8 computer.

As usual, Certain new HTML 5 elements like support for W3C Touch events have been implemented.

Mozilla has just updated to Firefox 18.0.1 which can be downloaded from here for windows os. For linux or mac os – visit our download page.

If you’ve firefox already installed, go to its menu> help> about. It’ll automatically try to update itself. Do leave your feedback, comments and experience with new Firefox browser. Feel free to share your problems as we try to solve problems of our readers so that you could enjoy modern web browsing.

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