How to Reset Firefox without uninstalling

Since version 13 of Firefox, Reset Firefox option is available in all the latest versions. With this option, you can just restore the firefox to its default state i.e. the state of fresh installation without the fear of losing passwords and bookmarks. This option is particularly useful if you feel that mozilla firefox is not as stable as it used to. Using this option will uninstall addons, remove user configured tweaks in about:config page, refresh all its settings to the default state, etc. But you won’t lose you passwords, bookmarks, etc so you can safely use this option to minimize crashing and maximize stability when needed.

  • TO use this option, just click on Firefox menu – Go to Help – Go to Troubleshooting Information
  • Now in the new tab that just opened, just click on Reset Firefox button located on the top right. This page also shows all the relevant information about your system and firefox which could be useful if you want to troubleshoot for specific problems. Once you reset, it will ask you to confirm, just agree and proceed.

Bonus Tip: If you think if any addon of firefox is causing trouble like crashing or making it unstable, you can start firefox with addons disabled. Just hit on firefox menu and then help – Restart with addons disabled. This will cause your firefox to restart without any addons. This is same as firefox safe mode start.

Did you know ?

The star- like button located in the right side of url bar i.e. address bar i.e. where we type the website address is the bookmark button. Visit any website and hit on the star button and it will instantly add the website into your bookmarks.

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