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Mozilla Firefox 15 has been officially unveiled today and this version of firefox implements lots of new enhancements and bug fixes including optimized usage of memory for addons and thus reducing the load on your system. Lots of new developer tools have been added and improved. SPDY support for version 3 has been implemented. Native pdf files support added which will now allow you to view pdf files on the web without the need of any pdf file reader installation. HTML 5 video and audio related tags now support more properties and attributes like ‘played’. Other new things like webgl enhancements for graphics compression has also been provided. The android version of firefox has also received lots of changes with easy swipe gesture to close tabs, a new type of homepage. More inbuilt menus, option to open desktop edition of websites. The tablet optimized version of firefox further adds compatibility with lots of websites and improves page loading duration and overall surging experience. Top visited sites, bookmarks and history are now easily accessible. Mozilla firefox is on rapid release schedule and as a part of the update in the latest version, we now no longer have to go through hassles to download updates manually. This version brings silent background update. Few bugs like loosing of silent update feature if windows restore option is just used are still present but this is uncommon issue which will also be soon fixed.

As always, you can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on homepage .

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