Mozilla Firefox 6 Download | Fast Free latest version

Mozilla Firefox 6 has been released with lots of performance improvements, bug fixes, improved reliability, enhanced security features and more developers support tools inbuilt with increased addons compatibility for older addons i.e. firefox extensions. Firefox 6 fixes the firefox slow startup time by giving the users with choice whether to load all tabs simultaneously when firefox starts or just to load the active tab. The overall performance and speed has increased to a remakable effect. With More addons support and compatibility, updating would be easy and convenient. Mozilla Firefox 6 is released. Take a look at firefox 6 release notes.

What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 6 Download ?

  • Faster firefox startup when using panaroma..
  • Many bugs fixed.
  • More speed, more security, more control.
  • Added support for windows.watchmedia, EventSource/ Server-sent events, latest draft version of Websockets with a prefixed API.
  • The domain name is slightly tinted which helps you identify the domain name of any webpage opened in firefox easily.
  • A new web developer menu has been added where developers related tools are present. Also added scratchpad, javascript prototyping environment.
  • 96 % compatibility with older firefox addons.
  • New steamlined look of site identity block.
  • More appealing look and interface designed for easy understanding and swift operating.

Mozilla Firefox 6 Free Download for windows 7, windows xp, vista from here .

UpdateNew version is released and is available for download. It features tabs grouping and few other bugs fixes.

NOTE : To Download the latest version, always download it from this website’s homepage as we regularly update firefox download links. Go to Mozilla Firefox Free Download .

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Firefox Clear Cache | Firefox History – Mozilla Tips

When you visit any website for the first time, it loads little slow that your returning or repeat visit to the same website, this happens because firefox automatically saves part of webpages like images, javascript, etc temporarily. To make firefox clear cache, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to clear firefox cache

  • click on firefox menu button or tools button in earlier version.
  • GO to options – advanced – network.
  • In the offline storage option, hit on clear now button.
  • click ok . its done..

How to automatically clear cache when firefox closes :

  • Go to firefox button – options – privacy.
  • See the image below to do as illustrated in the image.

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Personas | Firefox themes

Mozilla Firefox themes are called as Firefox personas. These are attractive skins which changes the appearance of our browser and give it a new look and feel. Change firefox themes at your own will. It is very easy to install and load up in it.

Just take a look at the following screenshots of my browser in which I installed various themes i.e. personas of firefox.


Install Personas Plus addons to change firefox themes easily.

To better manage firefox personas, there is an addon called personas plus, once you install this extension, its icon would sit in the addon(status) bar at the bottom of firefox window. Just click on personas icon and chose any random or recently selected firefox themes from the list of popular and other available personas. This extension makes it easy to change the appearance of mozilla within a few clicks. It also allow you to load your own custom made personas. To download Firefox personas plus, go here .

There are several personas available on official firefox website.

How do I download Firefox themes ?

  • Just go to
  • select any category from the left. In the right, it shows small thumbnails of themes, just hover your mouse over any design and the firefox browser will change to that theme in the realtime momentarily.
  • If you like it, just click on wear it button and the theme will be installed right.
  • Repeating the above steps, you can download various firefox themes.
  • If you want to change your theme again from downloaded ones, it is very easy with personas plus extension if you installed it. If not, get it as outlines in the paragraph above. If you want not to install any addon, then click on firefox menue button – addons – Appearance – select any – click on enable button. Thats it.

If you still face any problem, comment here and we’ll try to help you!

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Firefox 5.0.1 Free Download – The latest version

* Updated : Firefox 5.0.1 is now officially released on 21st June, 2011. All the links have been updated with free download links of Mozilla Firefox. You might have heard news about mozilla firefox 5 as it is about to be released officially on 21 June but if you want to download the release version prior to the official schedule, you can do so via the link we provide here to you. The version I am talking about is Firefox 5 release version and not beta or alpha version. The only thing here is that it has not been made officially available for download. There is little to no chance of any bug in this version as you can consider it the release version. If you don’t want to wait for official “Firefox 5 Released” word from Mozilla foundation and want to get taste of the new and the latest firefox 5.0.1, then download from here.


Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 Free Download Latest Version from Here

Note: To download the latest version, just visit the main page of this website i.e. Mozilla Firefox Latest Version

For Linux and Mac OS x, just go to home i.e. Mozilla Firefox Free Download

The link above to download is not a FTP link as ftp link has been replaced with HTTP when firefox 5 is officially announced.

Note: When Firefox 5 will be officially released by Mozilla, we will update the link with the officially and publicly available mozilla firefox 5 free download links. SO keep watching this page!

What’s New in Firefox 5 ?

  • Several improvements in terms of rendering quality and operating performance including minor and major tweaks as always.
  • CSS animations support added
  • Enhanced support and performance improvement for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, canvas, javascript.
  • Do not Track header preference has been shifted to a better discoverable position.

TO download firefox 5  in other languages or for various operating systems linke windows xp, windows 7, windows vista, linux, mac – visit homepage i.e. Mozilla Firefox 5 free download page.

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Speed up Firefox 4, 5 and other new latest version

Here in this post, we list up several ways to speed up firefox be it its browsing speed or its operating speed. Firefox 4 is really my favorite web browser but it can be tweaked even to make it more efficient and faster.Read below our Firefox 4 Speed Up tips.

Here are some of the ways to make Mozilla Firefox 4 browsing faster

Note : These tweaks are for advanced users or geeky person. If you’re newbie or novice, do not try this as these may negatively affect your browser performance. Proceed only if you know what you’re doing!

  1. In the address bar, type about:config
  2. Click on I’ll be careful, I promise! button
  3. In the filter box, type network.http
  4. From the list below, double click on Network.http.pipelining … Its value will change to True from false.
  5. Double click on Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and change its value to double the number in it.
  6. As mentioned in the previous step, change the value i.e. double the value present in Network.http.max-connections and Network.http.max-connections-per-server
  7. After making the requisite changes, just close that page. It is saved automatically.

There are several other tips for speeding up firefox 4 like lowering cache memory for system with low RAM if firefox operates slow. Furthermore, using less addons and default firefox theme/persona enhance its operating speed overall.

I hope the above approach and steps help you surf the web in lightning fast speed!


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Internet Download Manager for Firefox

In this post, we feature the best internet download manager for firefox browser which would accelerate your downloading speeds as well as handling download jobs like pause resume, etc.

What are Download Manager Softwares  ?

These are such softwares/programs which handle all downloading tasks like accelerating download speed, pause and resume downloads, using entire bandwith to download at the fastest speed by making several parallel connections, etc. Lots of such features are built into internet download manager software. Most importantly, these come with browser integration due to which these programs capture downloadable files directly from browser for us to download in a faster and easier way.

There are several standalone download manager programs available. Some are free while some are paid. But if you’re using firefox browser for all your internet needs, then you don’t need to look here and there. DownloadThemAll is a firefox addon/extension which provides all the function of a neat and clean download manager.

Features of DownloadThemAll (dTa) – Firefox Internet Download Manager :

  • Pause and resume anytime any day at your own convenience.
  • Works as Download accelerator – Download with 400 % faster speed with its unique technology.
  • Download all elements, images and content of a webpage easily, that’s why it is named so.
  • Full integration and support for firefox as it is a firefox addon.
  • It is free. No hidden cost. No spyware. No adware.

DownloadThemAll can be installed as addon for mozilla firefox browser for free by following this link to Download Manager for firefox – DownloadThemALL ..


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Top 10 Mozilla Firefox 4 addons of all time

Top 10 Addons for Firefox 4

The era of browser war is not going to end until the days of internet ends. Well I am damn sure that it does not gonna to happen unless a 3rd world war destroys the whole world and we are back to the Stone Age, hopefully the probability is less, so we are continuing our internet talks. Within last two or three month we have witnessed the launches of new versions from the leading browser company- IE9 is out, Firefox 4, Opera 11, and Chrome 11 they are all out with enhanced features, speed, security and stability. Of course this article is not at all featuring on browser war but it is on a feature or adaptability of a browser which is one of the reasons of gaining popularity and increasing market share of it – The Addons.
Firefox is the fastest growing web browser. Addons have a crucial role in its growth. Availably of hundreds of addons to enhance its functionality makes Firefox user friendly.
Addons are tiny software or application coded to provide additional functionality and features to your existing web browser. There are many Firefox add-ons out there, but getting good ones (which works with Firefox 4) is not that easy. We guys are happy to help you in this matter. After a hell of research we have found out some good addons for your Firefox. Read each entry in the list and see which one suits your needs best.
You are welcome if you want to share more Firefox 4 addons that our readers/viewers may like or if you have used them give your review as your comments.

1. AdBlock Plus:

Got irritated with ads? Annoyed with banners? Install AdBlock Plus to get rid of annoying adverts and to get control over your internet browsing and change the way you view the web. This addon will allow the users to block unnecessary advertisements and popups. The addon is available in multiple languages and has more than forty filters available with it so as to filter out the unnecessary content on the internet. You can even create you or own filter! Adblock Plus also allows you to customize your filters with the assistance of a variety of useful features, including a context option for images, a block tab for Flash and Java objects, and a list of blockable items to remove scripts and stylesheets. This is my favourite addon.

2. NoScript:

This is a security addon which provides an extra protection by allowing JavaScript and other executable content to run only from trusted domain of your choice. The active content objects like XHR and ActiveX temporarily disabled to protect you from cross-site scriptingattacks (XSS), cross-zone DNS attack, attack CSRF (hacking a router) and Clickjacking attempts. Please visit their official site before downloading it as it got some version issues.

3. LastPass:

This addon is a free online password manager utility which is coded to make your web browsing more secure and easier. This addon is also a form filter that will filter out any malicious code of phishing scripts that might be running through. You don’t have to worry because all your sensitive data will be encrypted locally before connecting to server so even lastpass can’t access it. It also helps you import from most major password storage vendors (such as RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, Password Safe, MyPasswordSafe, Sxipper, TurboPasswords, Passpack, Firefox and Internet Explorer’s built-in password manager) and export too that even the other password managers won’t be able to capture it. A single master password will control the activity of this add on. This pass word only can unlock all of your encrypted data.

4. CoolPreviews:

Want to see the page or image in advance before leaving your current page? This addon is designed for Previewing links and images without leaving your current page or tab. After the addon has been installed, a small blue link will appear on all the links of the current page that you are viewing. You simply have to slide your mouse that link and a window pops up which will contain the preview of the destination page that you want to visit. Sensitive searching has been added in the right click menu of the browser, automatically subsearch Google, Wikipedia, and others. You can scroll for images search results from Google effortlessly where all the results will be arranged on an “infinite 3D wall”. You can also mail the links that you have searched for to your friends, family or colleagues. Also temporarily bookmark items to the right column with unique “stacks” feature.

5. Download Statusbar:

Download Statusbar enables you to view and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar – without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing. However, you still have to open them manually once the download get completed or broken. Due to its compact size, it allows you to take full control of your Firefox without any hassles or interruption. The interface can be customized fully by manipulating the size of the download window that will be shown in the status bar. It also auto hides when not in use. In order to find file name, percentage completed, source of download, file location, and download speed and so on can be obtained by hovering the mouse over the download status window. There is a beta version of this addon available which can scan for virus in the downloaded file.

6. GreaseMonkey:

Have you ever thought to disable edit button in Wikipedia just in case you don’t want to edit accidently or intentionally? Or do you want to embed Google Reader into Gmail? Well if you want to do such thing the answer is to get GreaseMonkey addon with your Firefox.

It simply enables scripting that can be applied onto your pages so that you can enhance their experience on your machine. These scripts are coded in JavaScript and you can do anything with. There are infinite possibilities that exist like Add links, buttons, or any other type of HTML element anywhere on the page, Alter the formatting of text, borders, graphics, etc. Remove specific content, such as advertising, popups, even whole sections of a page. There are hundreds of GreaseMonkey scripts available for download as well as you can in turn create your own scripts. Some of the scripts have very interesting functionality like integrating various apps of Facebook on a single platform or introducing search results from various search engines and presenting them in a streamlined form.

7. Video DownloadHelper:

This addon provides an easiest way to download videos from various video sites like YouTube, Metacafe. This works also for audio and picture galleries. When DownloadHelper detects it can do something for you while browsing, the icon gets animated and a menu allows you to download files by simply clicking an item. It also works with MySpace, Google videos, Daily Motion, Porkolt, iFilm, DreamHost and others. Since version 3.1; you can setup the extension to automatically convert the downloaded movies to your preferred video format.

8. FireBug:

This addon is an important tool for web designers. Firebug is a developer friendly tool for firefox as it integrates sets of useful functions and plugins for developers related needs. You can tweak, debug and monitor JavaScript, CSS and HTML live in any page. This addon can open all the code views either at the bottom of the page or into a separate window.
Once you have activated the FireBug, you can move the mouse to the desired part of the page and the corresponding HTML tag will be highlighted in the code view, hence makes it easily tweaked and modified. The JavaScript debugger quickly finds errors and points out the lines that contain them. You can change the code, set multiple breakpoints, finds the scripts easily and lots more possibilities with it.

9. All in One Gesture:

This addon is coded for performing some tasks and commands using mouse gestures and scrolling wheel navigation. There are about a hundred commands that have been designed using certain gestures which comprises of the mouse clicks and scroll wheel. But you can only select a subset commands from them depending on how frequently you use them based on your gestures

10. Xmarks:

This addon is an efficient tool for organizing and storing your bookmarks and passwords. On installation the addon will start backing up and synchronizes the bookmarks. Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it integrates with your web browser and keeps your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync. Xmarks provides synchronization and backup services by securely storing your data in your Xmarks web account. You can access your bookmarks from any web browser or mobile phone by logging in at

The task of finding the best addons was really a time taking task, but what we picked for you are the best available in the net. If you find more useful addons you can share it here. If you have used or are using the above said addons we welcome you to add your reviews as your comments.

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Mozilla Firefox 4 Free Download

Yes, It has not been late when Firefox 4 was released and now Firefox 4.0.1 is released and is available for download. The new update fixes some of the reported issues and bugs including security and stability issues concerning plugins and other web elements. Firefox 4.0 already has changed to a greater extent from previous version. If you don’t know what’s new in firefox 4, just download the latest version. This update brings minor but essential changes in the browser. Its not a must have update but it would resolve some of the security and stability issues prevailing in firefox 4.

How to Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1

To Download mozilla firefox 4.0.1 , just visit our homepage i.e. or click on the Home link/button on the top of this webpage. You’ll find all links to directly download firefox browser for pc.

If you already have firefox 4 installed on your pc, this update i.e. 4.0.1 will be automatically installed in your firefox by the browser itself if the auto update feature of firefox has not been altered by you.

Note: Firefox is often updated with new releases. Just go to Mozilla Firefox Free Download page to download the latest version of it. If you want to download firefox 4.0.1 , you can from

Download firefox 4 for windows xp, windows 7 from here

Note: The version noted above may not be the latest one, so we strongly recommend downloading the latest one from Mozilla Firefox


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Import firefox passwords tool

Here in this guide, we’ll give firefox tips on how to import and export all your passwords and user id’s saved in mozilla firefox browser. With remember me feature, firefox automatically saves login details of your subscribed websites. There are so many websites we are members of, with firefox browser, we don’t need to remember username and passwords as it autofills the details for us. But what if we’re required to reformat our windows os or enjoy the same ease of browsing on another computer be it our laptop or in another user account on the same computer. To do this, we just need to export all saved passwords from firefox to a file and then import the same from the file to firefox on another computer or another user account on the same computer.

How to import firefox passwords and export firefox passwords :

  • Download Password Exporter firefox addons extension from here on both the computer i.e. source as well as on the destination. Install it. Restart browser.
  • Export the passwords from the source computer’s firefox. To export, just go to tools – options – security – Import/Export passwords – Export – save.
  • Import the passwords in the destination’s firefox. To import, just go to tools – options – security – Import/Export passwords – Import – chose file – open. The passwords would be imported and incorporated in the new browser of destination.

Note: If you get xml parsing error while importing, Repeat the exporting step once again and while saving, chose csv file format from the file of type drop down box.

I hope this guide helped you!

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Open Firefox Downloads in tab instead of window

Whenever you download any file in your mozilla firefox browser, a new window named downloads appear. You might feel it irritating to switch back and forth to see the progress of your downloads in the new window and the current window of firefox. To solve this problem, a better option would be the downloads tab instead of downloads window for all downloads so that seeing the progress of your downloads and managing your downloads would become easy as you just need to switch to another tab instead of another window.

Mozilla Firefox Extension Addon Downloads

To do this, you need to install mozilla firefox extension addons made for this purpose. Downloads in Tab | Mozilla Add-Ons.

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