Internet Download Manager for Firefox

In this post, we feature the best internet download manager for firefox browser which would accelerate your downloading speeds as well as handling download jobs like pause resume, etc.

What are Download Manager Softwares  ?

These are such softwares/programs which handle all downloading tasks like accelerating download speed, pause and resume downloads, using entire bandwith to download at the fastest speed by making several parallel connections, etc. Lots of such features are built into internet download manager software. Most importantly, these come with browser integration due to which these programs capture downloadable files directly from browser for us to download in a faster and easier way.

There are several standalone download manager programs available. Some are free while some are paid. But if you’re using firefox browser for all your internet needs, then you don’t need to look here and there. DownloadThemAll is a firefox addon/extension which provides all the function of a neat and clean download manager.

Features of DownloadThemAll (dTa) – Firefox Internet Download Manager :

  • Pause and resume anytime any day at your own convenience.
  • Works as Download accelerator – Download with 400 % faster speed with its unique technology.
  • Download all elements, images and content of a webpage easily, that’s why it is named so.
  • Full integration and support for firefox as it is a firefox addon.
  • It is free. No hidden cost. No spyware. No adware.

DownloadThemAll can be installed as addon for mozilla firefox browser for free by following this link to Download Manager for firefox – DownloadThemALL ..


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  1. tamer says:

    thank you

  2. dd says:

    version 5 is not compatible with logmein, which I use to work from home. Is that fixed yet? If not, how can I go back to V4?

  3. yanyan says:

    i want to speed up for download

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