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Mozilla Firefox 9 is released to give you a great company this christmas while you spend your holiday time surfing the web and shopping. Mozilla firefox 9 is improved in terms of javascript execution and it has amazingly marked one more step in terms of browser speed and page rendering as always. Other new features include performance enhancement for Mac OS users and font stretch, text overflow. Since HTML 5 is the new web platform for webpages and websites, Firefox 9 justly brings more features, stability improvements and support for HTML 5. As always we advise our kind readers to get their browser updated real fast and sooner. With Mozilla Firefox 9 download, you will get new web surfing experience right on your desktop. It is time you upgrade your favorite browser and witness new speed, stability features and several minor and major tweaks intended for overall awesome feedback and web surfing. Mozilla foundation is non-profit organisation and it serves the entire internet community with the best feature packed browser. Mozilla firefox 9 free download will further fix crashing issues and firefox not responding or hanging issues.

Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 Free Download from here for windows xp, vista, 7 and windows 8.

For other os like Mac os x and linux downloads, just visit our homepage i.e. Mozilla Firefox

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7 Responses to Mozilla Firefox 9 Free Download

  1. Sitakanta Mishra says:

    I like this excellent internet browser software very much.

    • yorkiluvr says:

      recently downloaded Mozilla firefox 10 & couldn’t open games or web pages that I never had a problem with before so back to version 9 for me.

  2. Robinson Crusoe says:

    I like Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 because the Firefox version of 10.0 is running very Slow.

  3. divya says:

    plz tel me how to download and install the mozilla’s latest version

  4. ranganathan seetharaman says:

    i have all along been using this browser. but i faced some problem of late ie.browser not opening and taking longer time. hence i hv once again downloaded this version

  5. Jennifer Figueroa says:

    After downloading Firefox version 10.0 I had nothing but problems, hesitating, slow, jumpy. Going back to the tried and true version 9.0!

  6. Tulu Sahu says:

    I like morzila’s 9.0.1 web browser because its open fast & gentle than others. Thanks

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