Youtube Video not playing on Firefox – Solution, Flash Plugin

Have you installed firefox newly on your os ? Are you not able to play youtube videos on your favorite browser i.e. firefox ? Sometimes people report that they install adobe flash player plugin many times but even then videos don’t play and the message to download flash plugin appears again and again. If you’re facing these problems or other related problems, here we’ll try to help you by providing quick solution.

Step -1) Download Adobe Flash Player firefox browser plugin from here.

Step -2 ) After downloading it, close firefox and then run the plugin file you just downloaded, proceed to installation and follow the steps..

Step -3 ) After successful installation, Start firefox again and then navigate to any video website i.e. or any other. The videos will play perfectly without any issue or error.

[Note: The adobe flash player firefox plugin download link given above is of the latest version.]

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  1. zulkifli says:

    my video’s can’t play

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