Mozilla Firefox Free Download

What is Mozilla Firefox ? It is a free open source web browser built with a view to provide enhanced, easy, fast, swift, secure, stable web browsing experience to internet users worldwide. It is award winning best web browser available … Continue reading

Mozilla Firefox Free Download

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  1. Toukir says:

    Dear Sir..
    Due to problem of net I installesd windows xp for my pc. with internet explorer its not down loading FIREFOX in my pc and for Your kind information there is no any previous data in settings.
    Pls..How it possible to download FIREFOX for windows xp??

  2. Sj says:

    i love firefox. thnx 4 the new version bt here is a little problem. wen i click the firefox icon,it doesnt open sometimes but i can see it in a task manager with low process[means only 3000k or 4000k] wen it reaches more than 1,0000 it opens.. please help me with this.

  3. Enzansama says:

    The Save As dialog box is not appearing. I cannot download images or cannot save a webpage. Please help me.

    • firefox says:

      It might be silent.. Your files are being saved.. You can change the setting by visiting firefox menu and then options and then in the general tab, chose the setting to show save as dialog box..

  4. PRANAB says:

    why firfox is not supporting internet downloading manager ???????? if supporting then
    which virson of firefox & idm ???????

  5. shoukat ali says:

    why firfox is not supporting internet downloading manager ???????? if supporting then

  6. Alice says:

    After download for the free mozilla firefox 12.0, I cant play online yahoo games. When I click the game(s) for itself, it pops out with a black and blank screen and I cannot play the games. Can You help with this? Thanks

  7. tanu says:

    i having trouble with the latest version mozilla firefox, everything was ok back then before i installed the newest version. it is often crashed, even i just watching youtube. then i use google chrome and everything is fine, any idea?

  8. rajesh singh says:

    this mozilla firefox ver 12 is very slow not good performance. but ver 3.6.16 is good but now net is not recognized it……

  9. JUAN SALGADO says:


  10. musthafa says:

    Frequent interruptions with a dialogue boxx stating that ”Firefox encountered a problem and need to close”.Tried reinstalling several times but no use.Can any one help?

  11. S Vimal Kumar says:

    I’m using blackberry 8520. We want mozilla fire fox. Which mozilla version support my blackberry. Pls help me.

  12. amit says:

    which version of firefox is fast and better performance for windows 7 in india for my laptop, kindly reply


  13. Seo Choudhary says:

    I am a web master and I love Mozilla Firefox. currently I am using 3.6.10 version. As it is best suitable version for seo tools and tool bar’s (seo quake, Google tool bar, URL Lister etc.) Kindly tell me which updated version will be best suitable for the same tools.

  14. amit says:

    what is difference between firefox beta version ans firefox aurora also please let me know which is version is fast and best for me to download as a general home user for win 7 ..

    waiting for your kind response…..


    • firefox says:

      Firefox Aurora is at the very developmental stage i.e. at alpha stage so chances of its stability and reliability is less but features are more, it is being continuously updated. Beta is also at developmental stage but it is more stable than aurora and the release version is the most stable, fully tasted and works out of box..

  15. RASHBADE says:

    Which Free Download Manager is compatible with the Firefox Beta Versions. Kindly send response to my email add.

  16. himanth says:

    firefox is good but it is not supporting download softwares like orbit, IDM. for which it need to be updated otherwise we cant use firefox.

  17. lynn says:

    I have FF 13.01 NO games will load at all ie: bubble safari and in mafia wars only get white screen on city properties and mafia and slots …. update adobe flash player still the same… any help would be appreciated have deleted and reinstalled ff several times — frustrated to the max here….

    Thanks in Advance for any help

  18. rojy says:

    Just I am using mozilla free down load but while I open the attachment in word, it is not opening, then asking about internet down load explorer want to be register, how I can freely down load the Mozilla firefox to open that file in my system,expecting reply soon.
    Thank you very much

  19. neha says:

    please help me …i m connecting my nokia phone to pc nd m nt able to open the social networking sites
    some certificate error is coming
    so what can i do pls help me

  20. Rohan says:

    which version of fire fox is fast and better performance for windows 7 in India for my PC, kindly reply.

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