Mozilla Firefox Free Download

What is Mozilla Firefox ? It is a free open source web browser built with a view to provide enhanced, easy, fast, swift, secure, stable web browsing experience to internet users worldwide. It is award winning best web browser available … Continue reading

Mozilla Firefox Free Download

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  1. rob says:

    I am having an issue watching any videos with the mozilla firefox browser. I have downloaded the latest version of firefox, and every time I try to watch a video, it tells me “an error has occurred. try again later.”

    When I installed the latest version, it informed me that it is incapable of finding compatibility with these plug-ins:
    search toolbar 1.2
    kasperky url advisor
    divx plus web player html5
    divx hiq

    All of my other plug-ins are updated. I am lost for a solution. What am I missing?

  2. Milan Mondal says:

    sir can you help me to give a link to download firefox verson for my nokia 5233 ???

  3. DINESH says:


  4. shah says:

    I am a web master and I love Mozilla Firefox. currently I am using 3.6.10 version. As it is best suitable version for seo tools and tool bar’s (seo quake, Google tool bar, URL Lister etc.) Kindly tell me which updated version will be best suitable for the same tools.

  5. v.saikumar says:

    i am using xp can i download mozilla fire fox 13 to it plzzzzzzzzzz
    reply me

  6. MOHAMMAD says:


  7. Sunil Verma says:

    I love firefox. thanks for the new version but here is a little problem. when i click the firefox icon,it doesnt open sometimes but i can see it in a task manager with low process[means only 3000k or 4000k] wen it reaches more than 10,000 it opens,,,
    please help me with this.

  8. anish says:

    u r best in the world.////////////////////////////

  9. SOHAIL AFTAB says:

    Can you tell me Please? I have download Firefox 14.0 when downloaded completed, a message window open that you can run it as administerator Or Current User…….I use the Current User….the window alongwith download disappears…….

  10. jok micheal says:

    i like mozilla but these day it’s too slow sometime file corrupt or program not responding this is cellenging.

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