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Continuing the effort to serve internet users in a better and more productive way, Mozilla team has released Firefox 8 which is brand new version with nice improvements in speed, startup, security and other concerns. Mozilla firefox 8 now starts faster than all other previous versions. Increase in startup time is going to be a boon to all such users who complained of firefox startup time.

Another useful feature is Twitter search integration. Now, it is a relief for all twitter users and fans. You can easily search tweets and know the trends of the day right from your browser search and address bar.

Several Performance improvements in Mozilla Firefox 8 download include enhanced support for html 5 context menus, tab animation, websocket support. Firefox 8 also addresses memory handling and thus it is more efficient when it comes to resource usage and load optimisation by intuitive memory handling.

Now third party addon installment would require user permission. This is really a good feature and added point towards security and privacy because third party software could easily install addons without taking user permission for the same but now, thirdy party addon installment would require explicit user permission adding safety to your browsing behavior.

There are several other security, performance, features enhancement.

Mozilla firefox 8 free download from here.

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8 Responses to Mozilla Firefox 8 download

  1. srajan gautam says:

    plz provide me links and updates for anything news

  2. Premkumar says:

    thankzzz….kindly inform me for any updates later

  3. nitin shete says:

    i face problem in Mozila firefox version 9.1

  4. shrinivas says:

    hello i would to have new version of mozilla browser pls suggest me i had pentanium 4 processor and windows xp services pack 2

  5. rahul says:

    i have problem with firefox 5.0.1 so i switched to firefox 8 it is very fast and easy

  6. Md. Saifur Rahman says:

    i like mozila firebox 8

  7. uday bhaskar says:

    he bro i had an problem with my old web browser so i switched mozzila firefox8 it is veryfast and simple to use

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