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We’re happy to inform you that the Mozilla Team has officially released Firefox 7 which is fast, improved and fixes several of the issues and bugs found in the early versions of Mozilla. Firefox users have always complained of high resource usage but in the latest version, memory usage has been significantly controlled and improved to a remarkable degree thus helping in more smooth and flawless operation. Further, the new firefox 7 adds to the speed, enhancement, compatibility and support for web elements. One of the most useful firefox feature is Firefox Sync which is used to keep your passwords and bookmarks synchronised on the cloud so that you enjoy the same experience on any device. Firefox sync changes and updates are made much faster so that any new changes in passwords are instantly synced.

Those users who have been experiencing firefox crashing issues can now feel more relieved as the performance and stability have been taken care of in this version of firefox i.e. 7. Other new changes in firefox 7 includes more highlighting of the actual domain name and also removing display of “http://” from the address bar for all urls making room for actual url visibility in the address bar. For “https://” sites, it will be displayed but for normal websites http text won’t be displayed.


Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 free download from here for windows os (xp, vista, windows 7)

For other os, visit the homepage of this website. Further, The homepage of this website contains links of latest version of firefox as the download links are regularly updated – Mozilla Firefox Download Latest version

After downloading, the installation is quite simple. Close your firefox browser, launch the setup, Proceed with the installation – Done! Firefox will check for addons compatibility and will report. When firefox starts, it may ask your permission – “Would you like to help improve Mozilla Firefox by automatically reporting memory usage, performance, and responsiveness to Mozilla? ” All you need to do is to click on Yes or No button and then it won’t ever interrupt you!

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34 Responses to Mozilla Firefox 7 Free Download

  1. Anil Bhadu says:

    as of now no issue if any in future i’ll come back to you

  2. TonyB says:

    I love Firefox. But I do not like your latest vesion as I can`t install Baris Derin Reader or Glowy Green. So when you do a fix on thease and other items I will upgrade.
    I do not know why you people publish new verions of Firefox before you get them right. So far I hate the latest version. I find it a compleat nightmare.



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