Mozilla Firefox for Android phone free download

Your favorite desktop browser is now available for your mobile phone i.e. Android phone. Its time to cheer up and celebrate the power of full fledged browsing for android phone users as mozilla firefox android app is available in the android market for downloading.

Why Download Mozilla Firefox android browser ?

Because it brings sync across your desktop and mobile browsing data i.e. your passwords and bookmarks are accessible on pc as well as your mobile phone.

Tabs support, Full screen, zooming, addons, personas, awesome screen, bookmarks, sync – are other features available for firefox mobile browser for android.

Download Firefox for android phone from android market from here .

If you’re on pc, just visit the link above and then sign into your google account and click on install button. The browser will be downloaded automatically on your phone using your phone internet connection(gprs/3g). Otherwise visit the link above from your android smartphone be it samsung galaxy s or htc sensation or other phones..

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